About We Grow Plants

We Grow Plants was the earth-driven love child of Bill and Jilliana Zikos, and has evolved through the years with confidence and passion for growing things that bring happiness to the world around them.

From Bill’s farm, to a small nursery on the Central Coast of NSW, they moved We Grow Plants to a regular site within the much loved Newcastle Farmers Market for many years.

We Grow Plants is now in the second generation of family ownership, with Amber and Sam now in operation.

About us

In December 2021, Jilliana (aka mum) and Bill retired, with us (Amber and Sam) taking over the reigns.

We moved from Geelong, Victoria with our 2 boys and dogs to give mum and Bill the opportunity to move into the next chapter, while giving their legacy the chance to continue.

Like many small businesses, we are a team of 2, and the ones covering all’o’the’things in the operation of WGP – we’re the social media managers creating, posting and responding to all the online content (cheesy dadjokes and puns included wink); the admin team replying to emails, processing orders, doing accounts etc; we’re also the ones on the ground – weeding, propagating, nurturing the plants; and we also do our own deliveries.

Amongst this, we homeschool the kids – so anyone that has dropped by to pick up plants has often been greeted by a motorbike whizzing by..

We’re proud of the evolution of our business and have a deep appreciation in the importance of supporting our fellow small-biz folk – with that, thank *you* for stopping by, for the chats, the purchases, and welcoming us into your homes yards.

Got a query? Don’t leaf it unanswered – fill in your details below and we’ll shoot a response through when we’re back on deck.